Adam Buffett


About me

Me and my dog, Watson


  • Former Financial Analyst turned Software Engineer through General Assembly.
  • Like a kid in a candy shop, I'm always excited by the number of new programming languages, frameworks, and methods for solving problems there are to learn.
  • I sweat the details, whether it's design specifications, edge cases, or thinking through how, as a user, I could try to break my code.
  • I love the challenge of tweaking and refactoring my work to try to squeeze out every bit of performance I can.
  • Innately pragmatic, I work to implement the best solution for the problem at hand, considering the trade-offs between performance, scalability, and maintainability.

More about me

As a financial analyst, I wasn't learning as much as I wanted and felt stagnant and bored in my career. I started learning Python, which ignited my passion for programming and set me on the path to software engineering. After a few months of building games, working on small projects, and self-study, I decided to take the plunge and enroll in General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive.

Today, I'm a full-stack engineer with experience developing applications using a range of technologies. At INTRFAC3 Platforms Ltd., I lead frontend development, working alongside our designer and backend developer to create a seamless user experience. I'm also developing a full-stack application using Next.js and Flask for people to track their dogs' behavioral issues and gain insights into managing them.

Every day, I look forward to pushing my skills and knowledge further to enhance my code efficiency, system design scalability, and overall application quality. My journey in development has been incredibly exciting, and suffice to say, I don't worry about feeling bored anymore.

Outside of development, I'm an escape room junkie (please send me any recommendations), a lifelong board/video gamer, and rec volleyball enthusiast. I also love going on adventures with my dog, Watson.


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Project highlights

Stream Scout

Find where to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, and browse for something to watch across all your streaming services in one place. Built using Next.js, TypeScript and Socket.IO.

Stream Scout

Secret Cellar

Mixology hobbyist? Secret Cellar is a cocktail recipe app that allows you to search for recipes, save your favorites, and share your own creations. Built using the MEVN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, Node.js).

Secret Cellar


Grocery shopping made easy! Pantry is a shopping assistant app that allows you to quickly generate a shopping list based on recipes you want to make, and offers nutrient based suggestions powered by OpenIA. Built using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js).


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